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A functional and immersive digital solution for a progressive maker in the robotics industry.

Three devices showing the Welltec website

Art direction
Interaction design
User experience
Web design

In collaboration with

Bold Scandinavia

We set out to create a layout system that was as minimal as possible, yet retained a recognizable design aesthetic. We achieved this through a "Swiss style" design approach, focusing on alignment, font hierarchy, and white space.

Additionally, we developed a custom hero image animation pattern we called 'The Portal' to ensure an immersive online experience while browsing the website.

To maintain a minimalistic design, we utilized a clean grayscale color palette, with the vibrant green brand color used sparingly to create focus when needed.

Overview of user interface look and feel
User interface approach
Welltec portal treatment
Brand presentation
The expanded top navigation shown in an iPad
Top navigation
The footer of the Welltec website shown in an iPad
Footer composition
Hero interaction design
Hero section of the Welltec website shown in a studio display
Hero section
Side-by-side layout showing editorial content in the Welltec website
Card layout
Card hover interaction design
A visual view of a content page on the Welltec website
Content page
Editorial content shown in a grid on the Welltec website
Content grid overview
The side navigation on a longer content page
Sticky side navigation
Welltec portal treatment
Two core webpage on the Welltec website shown inside of iPads
Core page types
Page type overview of the Welltec website
Page type overview
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Design system
Interaction design
Web design
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Ipad with Brio design on a table surface
Design system
Interaction design
Web design