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A joyful digital brand activation for the second-largest online mortgage provider in the US.

Three devices showing the Better website

Art Direction
‍Interaction design
Web design

In collaboration with

Product Inc

Illustrations by

Jackson Joyce

Better was in the process of expanding their offerings beyond mortgages and needed help in expanding their online presence. We assisted them in achieving this through a series of iterative workshops, a rapid design process, and direct collaboration between design and development teams.

By redefining their digital brand activation and refining their approach to color application, typography, and layouts, we successfully optimized and systematized the workflow for designing and developing new web pages.

Through extensive user research and an iterative design phase, we were able to optimize and streamline the online buying process. This resulted in a faster turnaround time and increased home sales.

A visual overview of the Better brand universe
Brand universe
Two webpages side-by-side showing the buyer and seller experience on the Better website
Buyer vs. seller experience
The buyer experience on the Better website
Property — Buyer view
The seller dashboard on the Better website
Property — Seller dashboard
An overview of the different top banners on a listing page on the Better website
Dynamic display of information
The quick bid interaction shown inside of two iPads
Place bid interaction
Editorial content on the Better website shown inside an iPad and two iPhones
Responsive display of information
Various snippets of the Better website shown inside five iPhones
Mobile optimized experience
The landingpage of the Better website
The seller dashboard page
Seller dashboard page
The detail home reports page
Detail home reports page
A listings page shown inside an iPad and iPhone
Responsive layouts
An overview of the core webpages on the Better website
Page type overview
Better Cover

Better Cover was a new offering that needed to be established within the company. To make it stand out, we focused on creating empathetic storytelling, relatable imagery, and a smooth user journey.

The new offering needed to appear visually unique, while still feeling connected to the core brand universe. Therefore, we utilized Better's impressive illustration library to enhance the visual communication.

Furthermore, we defined a completely new onboarding flow to make it easy for new customers to sign up and get covered correctly. This streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for users.

Form designs for the Better Cover experience
Applicant submission form flow
Detail home report page shown in an iPad and two iPhones
Detail home report
The Better Cover landingpage
Quote overview page for Better Cover
Quote overview page
The quotes and rates overview page on the Better Cover website shown in an iPad and iPhone
Responsive layouts
An overview of the different page types on the Better Cover website
Page type overview
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