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Capital Four

A simple and distinctive brand for an industry leader in the high-yield asset management business.

Three devices showing the Capital Four website

Art direction
Interaction design
Web design
Webflow development

Animation by

Relay Studio

Photography by

Kristian Holm

In collaboration with

Bold Scandinavia

Through numerous workshops, sparring sessions, and presentations, we guided Capital Four through crucial decision-making for their brand and position in the market.

Capital Four, being an industry leader, needed to stand out and display their professional excellence, while maintaining an approachable and Scandinavian touch. Therefore, we designed a simple yet sophisticated visual identity that closely aligns with their core brand values: dependable, respectable, and professional.

The new identity and website are a testament to the simplicity and solidity of Scandinavian design. Building on the ethos that "form follows function" and "less is more," we created a timeless and iconic brand that will withstand the test of time.

Grid animation concept
A detailed look at the core brand pattern
Hero grid pattern application
The expanded fullscreen navigation on the Capital Four website
Large typography treatments
An overview of the different pictograms used on the Capital Four website
Custom pictograms
The founder of Capital Four talking on the phone
Candid moments
Two of the Parthers walking and talking
Movement and action
A group interaction showing the dynamics in the team
Group dynamic
Two Partners talking to each other while sitting down
Down to earth interactions
A portrait of a Partner of Capital Four
Layered compositions
Three Partners interacting in a meeting room
Background interactions
One of the Partners of Capital Four drawing on a whiteboard
Zoomed-in dynamics
The website

The new online brand experience consists of a fully customizable website, built entirely in Webflow, a bespoke pattern animation as an extension of their visual identity and photography shot at their office in Copenhagen.

Furthermore, we used the Webflow content management system (CMS), to create a website that the Capital Four team can maintain independently.

An overview of the digital brand application for Capital Four
Digital brand activation
The career page on the new Capital Four website shown in an iPhone and an iPad
Responsive layouts
The what we do page on the new Capital Four website shown in an iPhone and an iPad
Simpler composions for mobile
A visual showing the open layouts on the new Capital Four website shown inside an iPad
Open and dynamic compositions
An overview of the core types of webpages in the Capital Four website
Page type overview
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