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An elevated online experience for one of the biggest companies in the automotive industry.

Different devices showing the Volkswagen website

Interaction design
Web design

In collaboration with

Wunderman Thompson

Volkswagen US tasked us with designing and developing their new company website with new interactive features specifically for the US market.

Based on their new global brand identity, we completely redesigned their online platform to be more visually expressive. We highlighted the unique qualities of their products and focused on their core company values, also known as "Drive Bigger."

With the end user in mind, we refined the structure of the individual pages and modernized the interaction and visual design language used throughout the website.

Sketches showing the initial stages of the design process
Initial concept sketches
An overview of the Volkswagen brand universe
Digital brand activation
iPad and iPhone showing electric vehicle page
Responsive hero sections
The expanded website navigation inside an iPad
Immersive navigation
An overview of the user interface for the Volkswagen website
Interface look-and-feel
iPad and iPhone version of the Volkswagen website
Responsive page layout
Core page types for the new Volkswagen website
Page type overview
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